The Little Stars Anglo Indian School

Little Stars Anglo-Indian School was my dream and it was established in the year 2002.The main intention behind the formation of this school was to help the under privileged children belonging to the nearby rural area and get an education which was equivalent to the corporate schools.

Initially the number of students was just 10, but over six years it grew to about 120. The standard maintained by us is equal to the schools around.The fee structure is very liberal enabling the parents to place their children into our hands. We render help to the deserving children who have the aptitude to study but not the resources.

The school is called Little Stars Anglo-Indian School.It is offering education to the very poor, disadvantaged village community.This school project is the initiative and effort of Mrs. Olga Salins from Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh in India.,who happens to be its Founder.

Through the efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Sudhir, the school is registered and recognized by the government of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2010.